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遊戲人數 : 2-4

適合年齡 : 8歲以上

遊戲時間 : 45分鐘

遊戲設計 : Bruno Cathala

語言版本 : 英文


The game is about the growth of the city during the Roman times. Burdigala is the city Bordeaux’s Roman name.


The board shows a map of the city, with various building sites and streets. At the beginning of the game, a tile is placed on each building site. Each tile shows a building and the reward for completing that building. On the back, it shows the amount of cubes needed to complete the building. The tiles are placed face down, so that it is unknown which building is where. Each turn, a player rolls the dices and moves his architect. Certain combinations on the dice allow the player to take a Corruption token, which cost points in order to gain a specific benefit. When there is no more building to be done, the player with the most points wins the game.





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